Discover the beautiful area around Wapse!

Walking and cycling

The farmer's front house is located in the rural village of Wapse, in the Drenthe countryside, on the edge of the 'Drents Friese Wold National Park'. A beautiful walking route has been set out in the village; the so-called 'knapsack route', which leads you past countless special places. In addition, there are numerous beautiful hiking trails in the area.

Sheep flock

Drenthe, heath and sheep. Who does not know this combination? You will find 4 flocks of sheep in the vicinity of the farmhouse front house:


There are no less than 3 national parks within a stone's throw:

  • Het Drents Friese Woud
    The Drents-Friese Wold National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands.
  •  Dwingelerveld
    The Dwingelderveld is an almost 4000-hectare wetland area in the southwest of Drenthe with an almost undisturbed horizon. Species of birds and animals can live in this area, which have fewer opportunities in other landscapes.
  •  De Weerribben en De Wieden
    You can see all the hues in the development of open water to swamp forest. Advancing bank vegetation and densely growing water, floating hoops, reed lands and nutrient-poor grassland. Typical marsh dwellers such as birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and insects, find a place in the varied vegetation and the special plant world.


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